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  Washington, DC — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been tapped to lead a House appropriations subcommittee — making her one of 12 influential House “cardinals.” The Broward Democrat will chair the House appropriations subcommittee that determines the funding level for the legislative branch. ‘I am honored by the confidence that my colleagues have shown […]

  By John McArdleRoll Call A day after grabbing the reins of the newly revived House Appropriation subcommittee on the legislative branch, sophomore Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) defined the priorities of her chairmanship Friday: establishing increased accountability for the Capitol Visitor Center project and properly addressing the many deferred maintenance needs of Capitol Hill. […]

By LESLEY CLARK Miami Herald WASHINGTON – Ensconced in safe seats, Reps. Kendrick Meek and Debbie Wasserman Schultz campaigned hard last fall for fellow Democrats in hope of seizing control of Congress. Now that it has happened, the two South Floridians are in positions of considerable clout. Observers say that will help the state retain […]

(Washington, DC)  —  For the past two months Rep. Wasserman Schultz and Democrats in Congress have been fighting for an up or down vote on increasing the minimum wage. Now, after months of stalling, the House Republican Leadership has indicated that they might introduce legislation this weekend that on the face of it would raise the […]

(Washington, DC)  —  Parents across the country can sleep a little better tonight, knowing that violent sexual predators will soon be subject to civil confinement. Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s amendment to H.R. 4472, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act provides for the civil confinement of violent sexual predators.  The amendment passed the House and the […]

(Washington, DC)  —  Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz made the following statement regarding the recent acts of aggression against Israel: “I am following the rapidly changing events in the Middle East with deep concern, and I want you to know that as your representative in Congress, I will always use my platform to help advance the prospects […]

(Miami Beach, FL)  —  A celebratory mood at the Jewish Museum of Florida marked the first public announcement of a national month recognizing the accomplishments of American Jews and the important role that members of the Jewish community have played in the development of American culture. Last Thursday, President Bush proclaimed that May would be Jewish American […]

(Washington, DC)  —  Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) passed a methylmercury protection amendment to the National Uniformity for Food Act (HR 4167) this evening.  HR 4167 would have preempted and precluded any state laws that are not identical to the Food and Drug Administration’s national statutes, including state fish and shellfish methylmercury notification laws that […]

(Washington, DC)  —  House Democratic Caucus Chairman James E. Clyburn today appointed Rep. Wasserman Schultz to a special Task Force on Hurricane Katrina.  The task force will be chaired by Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), a victim of the hurricane, and a leader in Congress on the recovery effort and protecting against future disasters.  Rep. Wasserman […]

(Washington, DC)  —  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been chosen to serve on the House Committee on Appropriations. The Committee has what is commonly described as “the power of the purse” because it, along with its Senate counterpart, sets the specific expenditures of funds by the government of the United States.   “It is a great […]