Statement on the Anniversary of the Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

An unspeakable tragedy occurred one year ago today in Parkland, Florida. It sent the kind of shock, panic and sorrow through my community that, sadly, too many communities have felt before and since. This monstrous act of gun violence took 17 precious loved ones from their families, leaving scars that will never heal. Fourteen of those killed were students just beginning their young adult lives. That loss of promise and grinding grief will never disappear, nor will the memory of those stolen from us.

Today, as we honor the victims and comfort those most affected by this horrible incident, I ask our nation to find the strength to re-direct this loss and pain and pledge that it will not be in vain – for Parkland and all the other communities reeling from agonizing gun violence. No American should have to live in fear of the threat of gun violence and no family should have to endure the painful loss of those they love as a result. We owe swift action on real gun safety reforms to all the survivors of this public health epidemic.