Wasserman Schultz Earth Day Statement

“We must treat this Earth Day as a call to action to save our planet for future generations. There are small steps we can take as individuals, like planting a tree, curbing plastic use, or re-committing our home and workplace to recycling. But given the ecological threats we face, individual steps are no longer enough. Seriously combating climate change means banding together to move toward a world powered by clean, renewable sources of energy, beginning here at home in America.

Distressingly, President Trump and most congressional Republicans oppose this mission. So on Earth Day, and every day, we must all challenge this greed-driven ignorance, beginning with the removal of a dirty pollution enabler who leads the Environmental Protection Agency. Our children and grandchildren deserve fresh air, clean water, and a life free from the growing threat of rising sea levels, extreme weather, and global disruption. On this Earth Day, let’s commit to take action on every level. Future generations are counting on us.”