Statement on Trump’s Anti-Labor Executive Orders

“President Trump’s recent anti-union executive orders roll back protections for federal employees that will leave them more susceptible to firings, official time cutbacks and unfavorable contracts. This unjustified assault hurts hundreds of thousands of working men and women and their families and communities, but it also further destabilizes a workforce that Congressional Republicans and this Administration have regularly targeted for attack, whether it’s threatened cuts to FERS, pay and hiring freezes, or unfilled vacancies. However, the President’s targeting of official time is especially troubling, since it’s a crucial tool in allowing workers to challenge more serious workplace grievances, including claims of sexual harassment.

Democrats will continue to fight this cruel campaign against Labor, and unite behind an agenda that promises better wages and a ban on laws that weaken workers’ bargaining rights. Our union sisters and brothers fought and bled to secure the right to strike, negotiate for dignified wages and working conditions, and seek justice and equality in the workplace. Democrats will fight to preserve that landmark progress, and going forward, ensure every worker has a decent chance to get ahead in today’s economy.”