FL-23 Women’s History Month: Hannah Herbst

Each March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and honor and recognize our nation’s women and all their contributions to improve the lives of every American.

Each Friday this month, I’ll be celebrating a woman in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District who is active in public service.

Hannah Herbst is a fifteen year old student at Alexander D. Henderson University School who was recently named the winner of the “2015 Discovery Education & 3M Young Scientist Challenge” for her Ocean Energy Probe. The Bringing Electricity Access to Countries through Ocean Energy Collection, or BEACON, aims to provide a stable power source and fresh water to developing countries by using untapped energy from ocean currents.

BEACON is made up of recycled materials including a 3D printed propeller, PVC pipe, a pulley, and a hydroelectric generator. For just twelve dollars, she was able to power a set of LED lights. According to Hannah’s calculations, if she scaled up BEACON she could generate enough electricity to power three car batteries simultaneously in less than an hour!

Hannah’s nine-year-old pen pal in Ethiopia inspired BEACON. Her pen pal wrote about her lack of access to lights, fresh water, and other basic needs.

Hannah is a real-life example of the unbelievable impact that can be made by women in the STEM fields and I am so honored that my office will be presenting her with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition.

To learn more about Hannah and BEACON, click this link.