Gratitude today and every day

Every year on November 11th, we honor the brave men and women who willingly and selflessly put themselves in peril so that all Americans may continue to enjoy freedom and tranquility.

Veterans Day is a reminder to recognize those who’ve served in the U.S. military. However, gratitude for America’s veterans shouldn’t be confined to one day a year — they deserve our support all year long.

As a Congresswoman, I have worked to ensure that veterans have access to quality and timely health care by supporting measures to reform the VA. I’ve also supported legislation that helps our veterans to pursue affordable education, retire with financial security, and ease their integration back into the workforce.

Most recently, President Obama signed my Hero Act measure, which provides job training for wounded military veterans to help law enforcement investigate child exploitation.

Ultimately, expressing true gratitude for our veterans begins with taking actions to protect their quality of life when they are back home. These are actions I remain committed to.

Happy Veterans Day,