Can you imagine?

If I told you that a woman could be sued by her rapist for custody of a child that resulted from that attack, would you believe me?

Well, in nearly half of all U.S. states, that’s the reality.

About 32,000 pregnancies a year result from rape. It’s estimated that a third of those women choose to keep and raise the child. That leaves thousands of women potentially re-victimized every year if their attackers decide to sue for parental rights.

I’ve been working to address this issue for some time now. Recently, The Daily Show invited me on to discuss it. You can watch the clip here:

Now, you would think fixing this problem would be an easy decision. By passing a law at the federal level, we can incentivize states to put an end to this practice everywhere. We can improve the lives of all the women who are devastated by this issue. And the plan I have before Congress right now has rare bipartisan support.

But this fight isn’t over until this legislation passes both Houses and becomes law.

The best way to raise support is to raise awareness. The Daily Show went a long way to raise awareness about this issue on television — we need to go even farther.

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This is what South Florida families elected me to do — give voice to our most vulnerable citizens and to fix problems. Thank you for helping me get this done.

— Debbie